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January 27, 2023 1 min read

Working with artisans currently mainly in Nepal, the USA and the UK our products are beautifully handmade home, fashion and lifestyle products.
Having built up our relationships over a number of years with our artisans, they understand our requirements and values, combining our designs with their own traditional skills. Every product has a story; woven, sewn, thrown into it, creating a piece that is as unique as the individual who created it. Our products are not mass produced, or available on the high street
The traditional skills used by our suppliers have in some cases been handed down from generation to generation. At Douée we value this age-old knowledge and by purchasing from our artisans, we and you, help to keep these skills alive.

With our own ethos and ethical business beliefs, transparency is important in both our supply chain and to our customers. We love to introduce you to the wonderful individuals that we work with and by showcasing them and their work, you too will appreciate their time, love and crafting skills. Especially in Asia, working environments are very different to our own in the west, but by showing you clearly these environments you, our valued customers, will appreciate the value of our hand-crafted pieces be they pottery, jewellery or textiles.