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November 09, 2022 2 min read

At Douee, as the name suggests, we have a fantastic range of unique Christmas gifts for your friends and family. Instead of popping down to the high street for the usual last minute presents that they got last year, why not try something new and exciting. Our range of gift ideas comes from across the UK and the globe, from a carefully selected group of artisans and craftspeople who handmake everything.

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Why not put something unique on your tree this Christmas. We have some beautiful handmade decorations. The Glass Hanging Striped Christmas tree, made by Sarah Lou from Berkshire is a fused glass decoration that will catch the light this year. Available for just £5 from our online store. 

Handmade Christmas Decoration
We have plenty more special Christmas Decorations for you to choose from in our Christmas Shop

The Gift of Cashmere

For someone extra special why not give the gift of Cashmere this year. At Douee, we have a selection of Pashminas, Ponchos and Scarves to make your loved ones love you forever. 

Kashmere Presents

Cashmere, as you know, gets its name from the border region where Pakistan  and India meet. It is one of the finest luxury materials available and makes the most delightful clothing, especially scarves. The joy of Cashmere is the smooth texture that won't rub and leave marks on your neck area. Our Cashmere scarves come in a variety of colours with a herringbone design.

Cashmere is made from the belly hair of goats, it is very thin and light but will still keep you nice and insulated. You can see why when you find out how high the region is and how cold it gets. If it can keep a goat warm and allow it to be nimble, it is one of natures finest creations. Cashmere can also be died into a variety of colours as you can see from our cashmere collection in the picture above

Something for the Dog

Never forget your four legged friends, always there with a waggy tail to welcome you home. We have the perfect gift for them. This Pure New Zealand Wool Felted Pet Cave is the perfect gift for a smaller sized dog. Terriers and Dachshund absolutely love these beds. It keeps them snug and warm while they dream of chasing a badger down a hole and you won't have to dig them out at the end.  

Pulling the Rug Out

Another gift from the New Zealand wool stable is this cosy sheep rug. Made from Pure New Zealand Sheep's Wool they add some fun to the concept of a childrens rug for their bedroom. The face of the sheep is embroidered on so there isn't anything that can come loose. It makes the perfect sitting rug, especially if you have wooden floors, it will protect their little knees and keep them company. 

Other Christmas Gift Ideas

We have loads of gifts to give this year. What will make it extra special is the knowledge that you are supporting small artisan producers who make products that will last. If you want help with your shopping and need inspiration why not get in touch and we can help take the strain.