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July 21, 2023 2 min read


Patan, an ancient city near Kathmandu, Nepal also known as ‘Lalitpur’.   
’The city of artisans’ lies 5 kms southeast of Kathmandu, and is home to the valley’s finest craftsmen & women who have preserved such ancient techniques as the repoussé and lost wax process used to produce exquisite sculptures. 
The city retains much of the old charm with its narrow streets, brick houses and multitude of well-preserved Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries (vihars) and monuments. The predominant sound in Patan is that of the tinkering of artisans bent over the statuettes they are shaping. As in Kathmandu, Hinduism and Buddhism have co-existed here for many years, influencing each other with religious harmony.
Wandering around the small streets, squares and chowks (markets) has always given me great pleasure, it’s a place I head to each time I visit Nepal. Watching the artisans close up creating the woodwork pieces, pottery, jewellery and religious pieces.  
It’s always busy with both locals and tourists alike and if you’re lucky, you’ll stumble on a festival being celebrated with much colour, music, religious and/or historic significance and all humankind. Huge fun too.
It’s here that I met with a brother and sister duo, who work with local potters to create the fabulous Mugs, Wine & Water Cups and Bowls that you’ll find in our Tableware section.
I love that our artisans are so passionate about what they are doing and creating, continuing and handing down to their own children, the skills and knowledge of their forefathers, in order that these skills are not lost in modernity. 
You’ll never tire of owning these items; and by purchasing from Douée you’ll also be helping our artisans to continue their crafts. Giving pleasure to you and security to them.
Enjoy your cup of tea or coffee in something ‘almost' unique, but I doubt you’ll see anyone else with them!
Lisa x