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June 19, 2023 2 min read

March 2022 - my first visit back to Nepal, since the outbreak of Covid-19; it also signified a happy meeting with Rewati Gurung, founder of Kokroma. 

Pictured: Lisa & Rewati March 2023

Kokroma is the brand name for a range of children’s clothing. The name originates from the word ‘Kokro’ which is the traditional bamboo crib that babies in Nepal sleep in. ‘Ma’ means ‘in’ and so Rewati found the name for her business.

It is important to Rewati that the traditional styles that have been part of Nepalese culture for hundreds of years are maintained.  Fewer and fewer garment makers were honouring traditional methods in Nepal. Her aim with Kokroma was to revive the Nepali traditions of the Bhoto set, Kokro and Khasto blankets that have served Nepali’s for generations, and at the same time provide employment for local women in a sustainable, eco-friendly company that celebrates the best of Nepal’s infant and young children clothing styles.

Rewati pictured in her Kokroma store, Kathmandu

Rewati sources her raw materials as much as possible in Nepal. Textiles for the most part are 100% cotton, woven by prisoners in Kathmandu. Prisoners are trained in the dyeing and weaving processes, gaining skills that they can utilise when they are released. In addition, they get paid for their work and can provide valuable incomes for their families while they are serving their time.

Kokroma has a zero-waste policy during manufacture, so all off-cuts and scrap cotton are saved for recycling. Rewati employs women seamstresses from the local community, including marginalised and abused women and provides them with a good monthly income; therefore financial security and independence. The women are able to work flexi-time allowing them freedom to work as it suits their own personal schedules.

Rewati through Kokroma prides herself on reviving the traditions associated with baby care, with fabrics that are designed to reflect contemporary tastes, taking the best qualities from these traditions and adapting the look and feel to appeal for the modern parent. Kokroma’s primary aim has been to create high quality products at reasonable prices.

Douée is delighted to be the UK partner with Kokroma. When you purchase from our fabulous range of children’s clothing, you too are helping to support women artisans, bringing joy and economic freedom to them. 

Working together, supporting each other for a better future.

Lisa x