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March 30, 2023 2 min read

The story of Limelight Bath is a success story indeed and definitely one to be shared.

Cathy turned her ‘passion and a candle habit’ into a business in 2016.  She

threw caution to the wind (giving up a regularly paid job, pension, weekends and holiday at least) to devote herself entirely to her own ‘Limelight’.

With the support of her husband and family, Cathy was delighted to have been able to turn her passion into a business.

Initially, surrounded by all that is familiar, Cathy started creating candles in her kitchen with delicious fragrances emanating to the rest of her home.  Cathy uses sustainable rapeseed / soy wax, together with the highest quality IFRA fragrance oils.  Her materials are sourced within the UK and all the candles are hand-poured.

For Cathy a candle is so much more than ‘just a candle’, it soothes and scents and calms and restores. As Cathy says, a candle is not an ornament. It, like chocolate, should not be saved until later. Its recuperative powers only work when lit, when its warmth and illumination can be felt.

Her family as indeed we at Douée, are delighted to see Cathy’s business go from strength to strength.  Having grown over the years, Cathy now works from a purpose devoted building near to her home in Wiltshire, continuing to create wonderful candles, new scents and fabulous vessels in which to showcase her candles.

We absolutely adore Limelight candles, their room mists and diffusers.  Indeed as Cathy had, Lisa has, a passion for candles too and Limelight candles are often to be found burning gently, scenting our own home with their delicious fragrance.

We wish Cathy continued success and we are delighted to be able to work with Cathy on her own journey, by bringing Limelight to you at home.