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The Enlightened Spaniel - A Dogs Quest to be a Buddhist by Gary Heads

This is the story of a springer spaniel and her half-sister, who set out to discover the reason their owner meditates and is so interested in the teachings of the Buddha. Ably assisted by a bookshelf, who holds a fountain of knowledge, they embark upon a quest to discover the secrets of meditation and uncover the path to ancient wisdom. As they progress along the road to enlightenment, they not only transform their own perception of life, but also the lives of those around them. The journey is a challenging one, but is held together by Half-Sister's wicked sense of humour and a desire to enter into spaniel folklore.

The Enlightened Spaniel is a wise tale, filled with insights and humour, that celebrates the connection between all things that reside on Planet Earth.

  • Gary Heads was born in Ashford in Kent before moving to the North East of England at a young age. He grew up in Newcastle and Northumberland before eventually settling in County Durham.
  • After reading a book by the Dalai Lama an interest in meditation and Tibet was born which continues until this day. This has led to an appointment as a trustee of a charity working to assist the Tibetan people.
  • After acquiring an MSc in Mindfulness Based Approaches Gary founded one of the UK’s leading organisations delivering mindfulness services.
  • His first book Living Mindfully: Discovering Authenticity Through Mindfulness Coaching is based on teaching mindfulness to over 5,000 clients and was published in 2017. It has become a handbook for those wishing to train to teach mindfulness.
  • In 2019 his second book The Enlightened Spaniel – A Dog’s Quest to be a Buddhist was published. The book is inspired by mindfulness, meditation, Buddhism, and a love of springer spaniels.

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